Implementation guides and best practices

These resources support the successful implementation of the Helping Mothers and Babies Survive programs.

Best Practices

From the research article “Successful implementation of Helping Babies Survive and Helping Mothers Survive programs —An Utstein formula for newborn and maternal survival”
  1. Secure Ministry of Health buy-in
  2. Form a working group for planning, training,
    and monitoring
  3. Develop national roll-out plan, for pre-service and
    in-service training, in both public and private sector
  4. Provide learning materials and equipment at time
    of training
  5. Identify and support local leaders and champions
  6. Establish low-dose, high-frequency refresher training
  7. Establish facility-level Quality Improvement teams
  8. Collect and report local data on standardized
  9. Establish a system for reporting and feedback
  10. Engage health care providers, families, and the broader community

Implementation Guide

For Helping Mothers Survive programs

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