Enable hands-on practice in any setting.

Simulation-based practice is a critical component of HMBS programs, for which you will need maternal and newborn simulators. Laerdal Global Health offers a range of simulators specifically designed to align with HMBS training programs, enabling healthcare professionals to gain practical experience in diverse settings.

These simulators are known for their durability and cost-efficiency, as they do not require any consumables to operate. Moreover, Laerdal Global Health demonstrates its commitment to addressing global healthcare challenges by offering these simulators at non-profit prices to countries with the highest mortality rates.

Laerdal Global Health simulators

  • NeoNatalie: An inflatable simulator designed for teaching neonatal resuscitation. It provides a cost-efficient and effective way to train healthcare professionals in the initial steps of resuscitation during the critical first ten minutes of a newborn’s life.
  • NeoNatalie Live: A smart manikin that offers short and flexible training on newborn resuscitation. It simulates various patient cases and provides objective performance feedback, helping to improve competence and confidence in health workers.
  • MamaBirthie: A realistic birthing simulator and skills trainer that allows healthcare providers to refine their skills. It offers simulated scenarios for normal births, vaginal exams, and more complex situations like breech, shoulder dystocia, vacuum-assisted, and forceps-assisted births.
  • MamaNatalie: This simulator focuses on postpartum complications, specifically the prevention and management of postpartum hemorrhage. It is a wearable birthing simulator designed for the third stage of labor, simulating realistic bleeding to enhance the confidence and competency of health workers and teams.

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