Online facilitation

Enhance your ENC1 and ENC2 trainings with guided online alternatives to printed educational materials.

Extend your reach

Enhance facilitation of trainings with the online ENC 1 and, ENC 2, an online alternative to traditional flip charts. These online resources enable both in-person and remote training, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Remote training capabilities
The online courses enable remote training, overcoming barriers such as travel restrictions, humanitarian challenges, or scheduling conflicts. They provide consistent content delivery paired with practical skills development.

Effective facilitation tools
Facilitators can leverage engaging videos and interactive questions to deliver content and stimulate discussion. Hands-on practice is encouraged, culminating in reflective questions to solidify clinical application.

A Cost-Effective Solution
Eliminate costs associated with travel, venue hire, and material printing by accessing ENC 1 and ENC 2, and ECLB online for free.

Key benefits

  • Flexible remote or in-person training delivery
  • High-quality content with practical skills sessions
  • Interactive videos and step-by-step guidance
  • Supports competency development for both pre-service and in-service
  • Reinforces low dose, high frequency training methodology
  • Completely free access
  • Mix-and-match: the content is equivalent to the Flipchart, so you can alternate as needed

Flip Chart vs. Online

Flip Chart Online
Format Traditional hardcopy, printed locally or ordered from Laerdal. Web-based solution to be viewed on a computer, projector, tablet or phone.
Delivery Face-to-face training with a facilitator for every 4-6 participants. Flexible and adaptable. Face-to-face or remotely with support of on-site mentors. Available for participants before, during and after the training.
Demonstration and practice Traditional HMBS training methodology – facilitators demonstrate skills, participants practice in pairs, facilitators provide feedback. Standarized demonstration of skills via video, prompted hands-on practice sessions where online and/or onsite facilitators provide feedback.
Demonstration and practice All programs.
  • Essential Newborn Care 1
  • Essential Newborn Care 2
Where to find them Flip Charts in the resource library Online courses in the resource library.