Build the competence of facilitators to increase the impact of training

Good facilitation is key to the success of the HMBS programs. SimBegin is a course that builds the competence and confidence in planning, conducting, and debriefing a simulation scenario. Ideally suited for educators and trainers who are new to simulation-based education, this course sets out to deliver a practical, digitally enabled solution so organizations can quickly be on their way to implementing quality simulation training.

SimBegin Overview

  • Module 1 – Simulation Methodology E-learning
Introduction to medical simulation, the circle of learning
and role of the facilitator.
Estimated time: 2-3 hours
  • Module 2 – Briefing and Debriefing E-learning and
Online Workshops
Understand how to deliver high-quality and structured
briefing and CORE debriefing.
Duration: 3 workshops with duration of 2-3 hours
  • Module 3 – Implementation E-learning and
Scenario Practice
Execute simulation scenarios including briefings, and
debriefings, and reflect on implementation of best practices.
Duration: 1 full training day