LIFT Assessments

Digital assessments to measure, monitor and improve trainings

Rapid, automatic and scalable

LIFT Assessments is a digital tool that provides automatic scoring and rapid feedback during training. The tool allows facilitators leading trainings to assess baseline participant knowledge; easily track training progress; make data driven decisions about participant needs during trainings; and efficiently create and export analytical reports.

This is a paid service offered by Laerdal.

Planning, reviewing and implementing

Low-resource setting optimized 

Train in remote locations with limited bandwidth and internet access.

Simple evaluation and reporting

Visualise data, explore insightful data analytics and generate reports easily for continuous improvement.

Rapid training insights for tailored training
Access assessment results in real time and evaluate individual and group performance data to improve the learning experience and adapt training accordingly.

Implement at scale
Expand your training to reach thousands of participants across multiple implementations, increasing your impact.

Why assessments matter

Assessments are an integral part of the HMBS educational approach.