Essential Newborn Care 2 – Implementor


Essential Newborn Care 2

Essential Newborn Care 2

Introduction and goals

Essential Newborn Care 2 is the second of the ENC Basic Courses, called Assessment and Continue Care. On this page you will find learning materials, assessments and planning resources to implement the course.

Master facilitators, facilitators and participants

Sharing the right resources with course facilitators and participants

We have gathered all the resources that you need to share with course facilitators and participants, in one place.

For facilitators

For participants

Course materials

Here you can find the PDF or online versions of the course materials, that you can preview digitally. In the Equipment section you will find how many you need and how procure them.

ENC 2 Flip Chart — Supports facilitators leading a course course in-person.

Action Plan — A visual learning tool during the course. I can be used in the facility as a job aid.

Provider Guide

Every participant should have a printed Provider Guide to keep. It guide will support them to continue practice and improve the quality of care.

Provider Guide – PDF

Simulation Practice Cards

During the course you will introduce the Practice Cards for Group practice. These cards have different scenarios where the participants practice the roles of mother and provider. Every participant should have access to the online or printed version, also after the course.


Parent Guide

Parent Guide – PDF


Equipment for facilitators

Every facilitator should have:

  • Flip Chart
  • Assessments, printed and enough for every participant
  • (How to facilitate guide?)

Equipment for participants

During the course and for LDHF practice after the course, each pair of participants will need:

Action Plan1
Provider Guide, one per participant2
Parent Guides, one per participant2
Simulation Practice Cards (print or online)2
Newborn simulator for ventilation — we suggest NeoNatalie1
  • Flip Chart
  • Assessments, printed and enough for every participant
  • (How to facilitate guide?)

Equipment for facilitators

Equipment for participants

  • Action Plan
  • Simulation Practice Cards
  • Newborn simulator with ventilation option — we suggest NeoNatalie
  • Small newborn simulator with NGT option — we suggest PreemieNatalie
  • Breast simulator — we suggest MamaBreast
  • Pen and paper
  • Hand cleaner
  • Gloves
  • Clock
  • Baby hat or cap
  • Cloths, dry and clean
  • Cord ties/clamps
  • Stethoscope
  • Ventilation bag and mask
  • Suction device
  • Scissors
  • Thermometer
  • Syringe


Download videos


Facilitators will assess the knowledge and skills of the participants using the following tools:

  • Pre-course Knowledge Check
  • Post-course Knowledge Check
  • Case Scenario A
  • Case Scenario B

Low-dose high-frequency practice

Regular practice reinforces new knowledge and skills. Practice also develops skills and improves teamwork and clinical decision-making. Make sure that the implementation plan includes Low-dose high-frequency practice at the facility after the course. Participants can use the same Simulation Practice Cards that you introduced during the course for continued practice.

Planning resources

Coming soon.

About the ENC courses by WHO

Essential Newborn Care is a program by WHO. It includes two levels: The Basic Courses and the Modular Course.

ENC Basic Courses

The Basic Courses, ENC 1 and ENC 2, were created in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics using the HMBS approach.

ENC 1: Essential Newborn Care 1

Immediate Care and Helping Babies Breathe at Births. ENC 1 is the new version of Helping Babies Breathe (HBB).

ENC Modular Course

The Modular Course covers the same topics as the Basic Courses, in a more advanced and in-depth way. It is made up of 14 modules that include nurturing care, and additional practical sessions and simulations.

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