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Essential Newborn Care 1


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Essential Newborn Care 1 (ENC 1) is the first part of the ENC course, called Immediate Care and Helping Babies Breathe at Birth.

With this course you will develop the knowledge, skills, and competency to provide immediate care and care for babies not breathing at birth.

  • The course could be facilitated remotely or held by a local facilitator. In both cases, the hands-on skills practice in pairs or groups is essential for this course.
  • This page provides you with the information and resources you need to participate in the course. Please follow guidance from your facilitator.

Learning materials

Here you can find the PDF or online versions of the course materials, that you can view digitally. In some cases your facilitator will also provide printed versions. These materials are currently in an interim/pilot version.

Action Plan

The Action Plan will guide during the course. After the course, keep it visible in your facility to help you remember what you have learned.

Provider Guide

This guide will help you continue practicing and improve the quality of care.

Simulation Practice Cards

During the course you will use Simulation Practice Cards for group practice, either online or printed. After the course you can continue practicing using the same cards.


Real birth videos by Global Health Media and demonstrations for practice

Welcome Mother
Prepare for birth
Dry Thoroughly
Is the Baby Crying/Breathing Well?
Keep Warm, Check Breathing
Clamp and cut the cord
Clear the Airway, if Needed
Stimulate breathing
Is the Baby Breathing Well?
Where to Resuscitate
Begin to Ventilate
Is the chest moving well?
Improve Ventilation
Is the Heart Rate Normal or Slow?
Decide on Advanced Care
Disinfect Equipment
Disassemble Ventilation Bag
Demonstration: Welcome mother and assess
Demonstration: Is the baby breathing
Demonstration: Wash hands
Demonstration: Dry thoroughly
Demonstration: Keep warm, check breathing
Demonstration: Assess Crying breathing
Demonstration: Clamp or tie and cut the umbilical cord
Demonstration: Continued skin to skin care
Demonstration: Help initiate breastfeeding
Demonstration: Monitor with mother
Demonstration: Is the heart rate normal or slow?
Demonstration: Improve ventilation
Demonstration: Is the chest moving or is the baby breathing
Demonstration: Call for help, Clamp and cut cord, Ventilate
Demonstration: Is the baby breathing well?
Demonstration: Keep warm, stimulate, clear airway if needed


This equipment is needed for the ENC 1 practice

  • Action Plan
  • Pen and paper
  • Hand cleaner
  • Newborn simulator
  • Gloves
  • Clock
  • Head covering (for baby)
  • Cloths (dry and clean)
  • Cord ties/clamps
  • Stethoscope
  • Ventilation bag and mask
  • Suction device
  • Scissors
  • Thermometer
  • Syringe

If you are attending an online training you will also need

  • Smartphone with QR reader (on iPhone you can use the normal camera for this)
  • Tablet or computer with camera and microphone

Sustainable practice

Regular practice reinforces new knowledge and skills. Practice also develops skills and improves teamwork and clinical decision-making. After the course, use the same Simulation Practice Cards that were introduced during the course to practice in short, frequent sessions with your team.

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