Training and implementation support for ENC Now!

After more than a decade since the launch of Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) in 2010, we know that a single training experience is not enough to sustainably reduce newborn mortality.

For this reason, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has developed a support package that supplements training with evidence-based strategies, to ensure education impacts practice.

Introducing CRISP

A comprehensive solution for translating training into sustained practice and improved outcomes

CRISP, a Customized mentoRship and Implementation Support Package, is a comprehensive package that includes training in ENC Now! plus supplemental mentorship sessions and resources on topics to support implementation as well as retention of knowledge and skills.

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CRISP Components

In addition to the ENC Now! open access online materials, the CRISP Package offers the following components:

  • Customized training in ENC Now! and related platforms and tools
  • Customized mentorship sessions
  • Access to Digital Assessments
  • Access to supplementary resources and tools to support program implementation and practice change

How it works

Mentorship: Bridging the gap between training and clinical practice

When you sign up for CRISP, you will take a survey to assess your specific needs. Then, you’ll be assigned an experienced Global Mentor who will tailor their sessions to ensure you get the support that’s best suited for you.

Mentorship sessions cover topics such as:


Training and mentoring activities will take place remotely over the course of several months in the context of an ongoing, two-way relationship between the Global Mentor and the group participants.


CRISP provides remote training and mentorship, which eliminates expenses, such as travel, accommodation, and venue costs, typically associated with organizing and attending in-person courses. CRISP registration will be offered at a reduced rate for participants in LMIC.


Global Mentors will lead this program and build the capacity of local experts in high need settings to offer this digital training in their own country context. The goal is for these local experts to become global mentors themselves, thereby creating an income-generating activity for professional associations and training institutions worldwide.

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