Using Socrative for Knowledge Checks

Socrative is an online tool that allows you to check the knowledge of the participants with online checks. This is an external solution that we suggest that you try while we finish development our own online assessment tool. To set it up, follow these instructions:

1. Create an account and login

Don’t have a Socrative account yet?

Click here to create a free teacher account.

Remember your password to log in in the future.

Already have an account?

Log in clicking here

2. Import Knowledge Checks

Click on the links bellow to import the ready-made Knowledge Checks that need to your Socrative account

Once you have imported the courses you will find them in the Quizzes tab. You can have up to five quizzes at the time with the free Socrative account.

3. Launch a Pre-course Knowledge Check

To allow participants to access and complete the Knowledge check you need to launch it first.

Tip: Participants can complete the Knowledge Checks on their own, so make sure to launch it in time.

Click on the LAUNCH tab and then on the Quiz button

Choose the quiz you want to launch and click next

Choose these settings:

  • Open Navigation
  • Require Names
  • Show Final Score

Then press Start

4. Share with your participants

To give your participants access, go to the ROOMS tab and click on the Share icon

Socrative generates a link that you can copy and send to your participants. You can include it in the course invitation for example.

5. Students access

When they open the link to your Socrative room, all students have to do is type their name and click on the DONE button to start the Knowledge Check

6. View the results

While participants enter the quiz, you will get an overview of their names and their progression of the test in the “RESULTS” tab.

You can use this overview to keep an eye on questions that many of your participants struggle with.

When all participants are done, click “Finish”

7. Store and report the results

When the test is finished you will see an overview of each participants score in the “Reports” tab.
You can choose to see percentage (%) or a number (#) score.

You can also download an Excel file of the report by clicking “Reports”.

These numbers can be copied into any other tools your organization might use for Monitoring and Evaluation of the course.

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