4.3 After stimulation: Is the baby breathing well?

“Breathing well” or “Not breathing”

How do you know if a baby is breathing well?

A baby who is breathing well

  • is crying or is breathing quietly and regularly
  • has good tone and activity

This baby can receive routine care with continued monitoring of breathing

How do you know that a baby is not breathing well?

A baby who is not breathing well

  • is gasping or not breathing at all
  • has poor tone and activity

A baby with shallow, irregular, fast or noisy breathing or chest indrawing needs continued monitoring and may need advanced care.

Watch a real delivery: Is the baby breathing well

Discuss what you say in the video

What did you see?

What questions do you have?

Watch demonstration before practice


Choose roles and get ready

  • Speak out loud to one another
  • Give feedback to the provider
  • Switch roles and repeat (each person practices as the provider)

Practice each of these steps using a neonatal simulator to show:

Dicuss together

A baby is not breathing after drying and rubbing the back. There are no visible secretions.
What should you do?

Select the correct answer

Select your role